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Litecoin Invite Team

We have added most frequently asked user questions:

Q: What i have to do to get these free litecoins?

A: First you have visit our project here - Litecoin Invite and follow simple instructions provided on website.

Q: Why you are offering free litecoins?

A: We want to attract as many users as we can and our business model is unique in a way that we can earn litecoins from our sponsors. By cooperating with our sponsors we can provide our website users with free ltc.

Q: When i can expect get my litecoin payment?

A: Usually users should get payments in 24 hours but when we have a lot of users it can take up to 48 hours. So don't panic if you don't receive ltc payments in a hour or two..

Q: Where can i buy crypto currencies and store them after?

A: You can do both things at Coinbase