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Litecoin Invite Terms Of Service

By using our website you are agreeing to our Terms of Service:

First thing is that we are reserving the right to change our terms of service at any given time without any reason.

Our website and brand isn't affiliated with any trademark, crypto currency or crypto currency exchange or any software and only acting as a third party service provider.

We are not responsible for any of website users actions using our project or experience on other websites our website leads to.

When people are completing any sponsored offers or surveys or doing any other actions related to unlocking any content on our or sponsors websites, they know that they are fully responsible for their own actions and understand that:

1) Some offers (surveys) can be paid with mobile phone charge or credit card (however, we don't require from our website users any direct options of payment).

2) People have an option to not complete these offers. It is not required from users to complete all steps in offers to access certain parts of this website (unlocking other parts of the website)

3) Completing sponsored offers does not mean you automatically grant access to locked website content or get any virtual items from us or our sponsors.

We are reserving the right to not unlock the users parts of the website or change or cancel the rewards in the future with no explanation. We are also checking if users completing the requirements of offers and if they are fully complying with them also we can deny access to unlocks if we find otherwise.

There is no time limit for us to send users any of the rewards or anything related to crypto currency and we have a right not to send it at all.

We are not responsible for the actions of our website users. Users understand that they are sharing content at their own risk and they are doing this only if they want to.

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